A Guide for Foreigners to setting up Singpass account

Singpass, Singapore’s national digital identity, is one of the Smart Nation strategic national projects. As a foundational digital infrastructure, the national digital identity is critical to improving the lives of citizens, creating opportunities for businesses, and transforming the capabilities of government agencies.
Today, there are more than 4 million Singpass users. Singpass enables access to over 1,700 digital services by 460 government agencies and private organizations. Over 300 million transactions are conducted using Singpass annually. 
What is Singpass?
Singpass an acronym for Singapore Personal Access is a single sign-on solution that allows Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents to access multiple government e-services using just one username and password.
SingPass offers its users better security, convenience, and accessibility when using their digital services by giving them an account that they can use to log in with. For example, with SingPass, the user can log in using just one username and password for multiple government services such as registering for CPF contributions, buying e-toll tags, and filing income tax returns.
SingPass is also a mandatory requirement to apply for a Work Permit or S Pass as an expatriate employee with a Singpass Foreign user account or (SFA).
What is a Singpass Foreign User Account?
A Singpass Foreign User Account (SFA) is a Singpass account that allows foreign users to transact with selected government and private sector digital services in Singapore. This includes accessing digital services for personal and corporate tax matters in myTax Portal.
Who is eligible to apply for a Singpass Foreign User Account?
Foreign individuals who do not have a Singapore Government-issued ID will be eligible to apply for an SFA. Examples of such individuals are: 
  • Singaporeans/Singapore PR who renounce Singapore citizenship/ Permanent Residence
  • Fin Holders who have canceled their work pass
  • Foreigners who currently own an existing IRAS Tax reference no. (e.g. A1234567A).
How do I Register for a Singpass Foreign User Account?
Before one proceeds with the process of registering a Singpass Foreign User Account, one must remember that a Singpass Foreign User Account (SFA) is something that only an SFA organization will issue. Thus, you will need to contact the agency before you proceed with how to apply for a Singpass Foreign User Account. Given below is the process of registering a Singpass Foreign User Account.
1.  Preparation

  •  Your National ID (e.g. Malaysian IC, Residential Identity Card). If not available, a passport document (with a validity of 6 months or more)
  • A valid email address. Your SFA ID will be sent to this email address you have registered, ensuring you are able to access the email inbox before proceeding.
  • Your existing tax reference number.
 2.  Activation

  •  Complete the Application for Singpass Foreign User Account form, you may visit the SingPass website: www.singpass.gov.sg/eGovSG/Register/RegisterOnline
  • Once your SFA application is successful, you will receive an email from Singpass with the subject “Registration of Singpass Account (Foreign Users)” at your registered email address with the Link to the portal to retrieve the ePin System generated SFA ID (e.g. Y1234567A), Enter your SFA ID in the link provided.
  • You will receive a second email with the following Link to download Singpass App* Encrypted PDF file containing the ePin (open the file using your registered foreign ID).
  • Once decrypted, you will need to: Install Singpass App via link provided. Use the ePin to perform onboarding in the Singpass App and set up your password accordingly.
  • Congratulations! Your SFA via Singpass App is now ready to use!
The Government has also released an official SingPass Mobile Application for Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the respective app stores: Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
As of December 2013, there is also a third-party app called IBSA (Integrated Building & Social Administration) available in the iOS App Store that allows users to access their SingPass accounts on their iPhones and iPads via a web browser (similar to how one would typically use Safari to browse the Internet). The app is free and requires no login credentials. You will, however, need to have an existing SingPass account before using it.