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Why join ForBis Network?

ForBis is a social enterprise that puts forward equal employment opportunity and equitable treatment without regard to gender, race, religion, or disability. ForBis strives to achieve diversity in all functions by employing people of dynamic backgrounds. ForBis had opened its door for employment and internship opportunities to professionals from countries like Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, and India. In addition to that, we also support NSmen in developing their career further with us since our company has been a recipient of the NS Mark (Gold) since 2016. By joining ForBis, you will extend and strengthen your connections. With us, you will find yourself to be constantly updated about current industry trends and opportunities. Together, we will be creating profits while at the same time helping the players of many industries create meaningful value.

Tech-Enabled with Human Touch

In the current volatile world as the impact of the Covid-19, many businesses have started to realise the importance of digital transformation. Due to this urgency, companies worldwide are faced with an unparallel level of digital transformation. Although ForBis understands the need for technology in today’s business, we still believe that the human touch is not replaceable. For that, ForBis will provide services not only through the help of technology but also human works. You will never have to talk to chatbots again!

Professionals Across The Globe 

At ForBis, you will have the chance to experience a working environment that allows you to connect to other professionals not only in your respective industry, but also in other exciting industries. This ecosystem will ensure that you will learn further about the current trends in industry and market. In addition to that, we support learning from diverse sources, such as online webinars or forums. Partner up with us today and experience a platform with like-minded professionals!

One-Stop Solution Provider

Our company believes in providing client services that are not limited to our prior experiences. We are eager to help your company solve unique problems that your company has. We value our clients’ time, ensuring that all engagements will be done in time. Backed with our professionals, they would navigate the challenges with their excellent skills, expertise and work ethics. No matter what services you need, we will offer solutions and opinions that are best suited to your needs.

Giving Back to Society

We pride ourselves in being a social enterprise that allocates approximately 20% of our profit to training and employment opportunities for at-risk individuals. We support projects with high impact and ensure that donations and grants will also benefit the community. We also extend discounts, longer terms, and free services to other social enterprises and charities. Join us today and make a real contribution to your community!
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